Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More photos of this weekend

After the party was over, we had a cousin weekend.  Cousin Boo, cousin Maia, cousin Annabelle, and cousin Rebecca.  Aunt Mariana, Grandma Deb-deb. 

Cousin Elliot had a. ton. of. fun. 

Cousin Boo watching TV with his lil admirer

Annabelle is testing out some of the toys that Elliot picked out for 'New Baby'

Look at all of these beautiful ladies. What is cuter than 3 girl cousins in matching outfits?   

Breakfast bagel run.

Silly faces in the car.  (Cousin Maia is an expert at keeping the little cousins entertained and happy.)

trying out a new (new to us) restaurant.  It was delicious!!! Thanks to grandma Deb-deb for picking it out.

This is my melodramatic Izaak expressing his (over)emotions at another Father's Day.  Tears of happiness for his beautiful girl.  Sorrow that it is going by so fast. 

Elliot dancing to the Greek pop hits at the restaurant.  She just couldn't help herself.



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