Thursday, May 27, 2010

Texas. Why?

Just as I am starting to resign to the fact that my family may need to move to Texas for Izaak's grad school.  Those Texans go and make a lot of odd and terrible school curriculum decisions that un-resign me. 

the Pro List
  • a lot of law schools
  • a lot of law schools that Izaak has a chance of getting in to
  • cheaper tuition and living expenses than other states with potential schools (shout out to CA&NY)
  • Milder winters than other states (yeah you MN)

The Con List
ok. So ignoring the drawl,  humidity, the culture of bigness, # of churches per capita, my image of dusty roads and pickup trucks,  my image of lots of crazy meat eaters everywhere,  and bugs - this boils down to the newly adopted curriculum changes and Elliot attending the first years of school...How bad can it be, you ask? 
  • State board of Education member Bill Ames was quoted in Newsweek as saying that America is "not only unique but superior," and that its citizens are "divinely ordained to lead the world to betterment."
  • The standards will refer to the U.S. government as a "constitutional republic," rather than "democratic"
  • The curriculum claims that the U.S. government was infiltrated by Communists during the Cold War - and takes a supportive stance on McCarthyism.
  • President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis's inaugural address should be studied alongside Abraham Lincoln's
  • Among the changes: Students would be required to learn about the “unintended consequences” of Title IX, affirmative action, and the Great Society, and would need to study conservative icons like Phyllis Schlafly, the Heritage Foundation, and the Moral Majority. 
  • The slave trade would be renamed the “Atlantic triangular trade,” American “imperialism” changed to “expansionism,” and all references to “capitalism” have been replaced with “free enterprise.”
  • The role of Thomas Jefferson – who argued for the separation of church and state – is minimized in several places, and the standards would emphasize the degree to which the Founding Fathers were driven by Christian principles.
The list, sadly, goes on. So.  Thanks Texas. 

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