Tuesday, October 26, 2010

caramel popcorn recipe

I love caramel corn.   And thanks to Ms. Martha Stewart, I have an excellent recipe. It's is excellent, simple, and I usually have all the ingredients at home - so I can make it on a whim.

You need:
1/2 c popcorn kernels, 1 1/4c white sugar, 3-6 T butter, 3/4t salt, and 1-2 cups whatevers (optional) (peanuts, cashews, raisens, almonds)

I make my popcorn in a sauce pan.  I don't have a fancy air popper :) ya'll know how?  Well, 1/2c kernels, and a little bit of oil, medium heat and a lidded sauce pan.  You can figure it out.

And the caramel.

add 1/2c water to 1 1/4c sugar in a saucepan. medium heat. stir until sugar is dissolved and syrup is clear. Then cook, without stirring, until syrup boils.  let it boil and gently swirl pan until it is a medium amber color  - remove from heat.  With a clean wooden spoon, stir in butter and salt.  (it will foam and bubble). stir until smooth. 

Pour this over the popcorn & whatevers.   sitr to coat, until cool.

It will store for a week.  Yet, it will only last a night. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

the great anti-cell phone experiment comes crashing to an end

I got a cell phone this weekend. 
I caved.  After almost (not quite) a year of ditching the leash phone.  I caved in.
Because of texting. 
Because when I give out my number and say that it is a home phone...people get confused.  They try and sent me text messages.  Texts with important information.  Texts that I never receive because they sent it to a landline.  A landline that doesn't give them a error message.  And then I get in trouble because I never replied to the important information they texted to my landline.  Because a landline can't text back.  This confuses A LOT of people.  (too many people, really)
Are our collective memories of life-before-cell-phones so short?  How did everyone communicate before text message?  Come on people?! 
Therefore, in keeping with the herd and because I am a member of this society and because I get left out of a lot of things because I didn't get the text..well, because of all that - I got a cell phone. 

I am still making my stand about facebook.  I never log in to that (never).  So, no.  I did not get the invitation you sent to me on facebook...I guess you should have texted it to my landline. humph.

I am not putting my new number on here.  'cause that isn't safe.  Because sometimes this blog gets randomly googled from people in Pakistan who were searching for pink cuckoo clocks (NOT making that up). 
BUT the 703# is a landline.  I will try to send out my new number soon...but you could always text Izaak if you need it sooner. 

ok?  rant over.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Videos!!!

Our Youtube channel has been much updated.  You can lookie-see if you'd like

If you are feeling it, you can let us know.  We love emails, and comments :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Matchiness

Thank goodness for matching Halloween pjs.  They make me happy.  Even more so because they glow in the dark.

put your tongue away baby.

one happy girl, showing off pink pjs

one un-happy Henry - showing off black pjs.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funny Baby Henry

Here are some older photos of Henry... it's all relative right?  They are from a couple of weeks ago.  He is a month old. 

I love this picture: a sneaky little nose picker

Happy little one: 1 month old.  And happy he long as his diaper is dry, he has a pacifier and you are paying 100% attention to him.

Mid-sneeze photo. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the voice of nothingness

so, sometimes in updating this blog I think...what am I doing? hum.  I focus on life with my little ones.  I don't really have much interesting to talk about outside of that.  (though for argument's sake, my littles can't be that interesting to everyone).  I mean I wake up, brush my teeth, drink coffee, and some hours later I brush my teeth again and go to bed.  Boring.
I have tried to soliloquy (soliloquize?) but nothing comes out well written, so it's not published.  And, who cares about my opinion anyway?  A rant about the goth girl I see out walking everyday is better left in my head.  Though I do wonder if everyone thinks her makeup and footwear is as ridiculous as I think it is.  OK, I understand the idea of expressing yourself through personal style choices....but I think Gothic footwear is dumb.  
 I don't have adoption issues to work out like rageagainsttheminivan.  I don't have the daily grind joy of a very large full quiver family to talk about.  I don't write emotional and beautiful birth stories to share like Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things.  (but seriously you should read that link, its beautifully raw).

No major convictions to share.  No poignant writing skills to flash about.  No mission statement. Sure, I'd like to talk about things.  Things like extreme downsizing, and school, and birth stories, and choices we make, and opinions we have...but it never comes out right.   I can just give you this:

and these:

Glimpses at what makes us happier than imaginable.  When other things suck, we need to focus on what makes our hearts race. 

And, this posting is here and there and nowhere.  But nowhere is a place where I live, sometimes.  So, sorry if CHARMING US grows boring at times (or always).  As life ebbs & flows so does everything else. Right now that is good enough for me.  'cause I spend my afternoons looking at this.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some photos of a luncheon that Grandma Joey let family meet Henry. Henry was about 2 weeks old.

Henry and Great Granny

Elliot has displayed nothing but love towards Henry.  Complete acceptance and love.  It helps that she loves to open and model presents..but is totally okay that they are for Henry and not for her. 

modeling a henry-sized snow suit.
Here she is modeling one of Henry's new bibs.

Sometimes a gift is for her - and she is thrilled.  Cute Jacket from Aunt Londa. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Parents Easily Played

on our drive to Salt Lake City...
Elliot:  I have to go potty. I have to go soooo bad.
Good Parents: Ok baby, we're pulling over at the very next gas station.
2 minutes later, Izaak is pulling over into a gas station parking lot.
Elliot: Maybe, I don't need to go potty. So, I could just get some juice, here.

slam.  We knew we had been had by a 3 year old.  And, what did we do???  We got her some juice.  Acknowledging to ourselves that rewarding this trickster would result in more trickstering.

Since we are not eating or drinking in the new car...Elliot hung out on the gas station curb with her apple juice.  Happy as a clam.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

So. Now that I have the most to talk about - I have taken the least time to update this blog.  Time to catch up, huh.

Here is Grandpa Airplane loving on his new grandson Henry.  Henry is 2 weeks old.

Not everything in our life is about Henry.  Elliot holds her own in the center of our world.  She recently scored a pair of ballet shoes, and is over the moon.  Ballet is the be-all of her world.  Well, ballet and kindergarten.  She has built both up as the most amazing rites of passage. 
Yes, in these photos she is wearing gardening gloves and ballet slippers.  one word, FASHIONISTA.

We totally love this girl.

Oh, yeah.  And, we love this boy.

And, we love the two of them together. As much as they are loving each other. 

In this last photo, Henry reminds me so much of Izaak. His hair is brown now, but doesn't he look like he's going to be a red head?!  perhaps, perhaps. And look at Elliot's beautiful eyes!  I am such a lucky momma.


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