Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to make me think that you are not as cool as you probably think you are.

Just throwing this out there.  But does anyone agree with me that Red coupes with spoilers and after market mufflers are not automatically awesome (or sexy cars)? 
I'll say that there are red coupes with spoilers that lovely to gaze upon.  But that is because they are exotic or luxury vehicles.
Taking any ol'dodge neon or ford focus or (heaven forbid) a honda civic and tricking it out and then rumbling past me on the freeway does not make you look cool. period.

Cutting me off on the freeway and giving me a so cool tilted-head-nod-thing in your red-coupe-with stupid big-spoiler-tricked-out-honda-civic-that sounds strangely rumbly?

 I think you look silly. 
There.  I said it.     

Friday, June 03, 2011

Congratulations o Husband of mine.

Sure, I am a couple of weeks belated.  BUT the sentiment has not faded. 


He did the nearly impossible (or at least fairly complex task) and completed his college degree.  Yah!  go graduate! 

For those that didn't know....Izaak started back at BSU in January 2009  as a nearly 29 year old college freshmen. He went full-time year-round and as of May 2011 he finished!!!  Yippee. 

And Yippee to me. (huh?) You know that iconic image of a poor college student surviving on top raman, coffee, and cheez whiz?  Right?  Now add a wife (me) and two children.  Yippee that this phase of life is past (until grad school, but that is another story).  Note: being a college student is much easier when done at 18 with no independents (my version) rather than at 30 with a family (Izaak's version).   However, we have had fun on this ride and are the better for it

AND the end is the same.  HE is oh so educated now!!


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