Monday, August 30, 2010

We're not freaking out....really.

Well. No new baby in Boise.  Still hanging out and enjoying the end of summer with our little Elliot.  I am hitting and passing the 40 week mark.  Totally (mostly) at peace with whatever the timing may be.  Izaak and I have vivid memories of the long last few weeks with our post-term Elliot.  Our babies just have their own timeline. Or perhaps this new one has a sense of humor and is waiting for Labor Day?!  I can only hope  Because the irony of it would be worth waiting this extra week. 

I read an article called Having a baby and the culture of freaking out.   I am embracing the phrase culture of freaking out because I think it summarizes a lot of what does wrong.  Let's all just calm down and trust.  Trust our bodies to nurture our babies, trust our spouses, trust ourselves.  Heck, let's stop freaking out and trust strangers and neighbors.  The freak-out-culture is never more clear to me then when I am at the end of a pregnancy.  People freak out when they find out I am due (or worse yet, that I am late).  Strangers will ask about dilation (as if it is critical and public information), question my prenatal care ("they haven't scheduled your induction yet?  My god, you are 40.5 weeks along!").  In general, I have noticed that a woman at the end of a pregnancy agitates most people.   So, anyways, I liked that article and thought I would pass it along. 

Fall semester started.  So we are also dealing with the upheaval of our summer schedule.  Everything has shifted and is rearranged.  And once we are settled, we will have new baby...and then we will be hitting the holidays and then Spring semester.  This is also the season of grad school application for Izaak.  We will be soooooo happy when the next few months are behind us. 

I have some cute photos of Elliot at the Western Idaho Fair.  We spent yesterday walking and people watching.  Elliot is just barely 36" tall now and able to ride the kiddy rides by herself.  Not really sure she enjoyed the Dragon ride as much as she thought she would...hummm.  I will try to post those photos in the next few days. 

But for now, I need to go.  Elliot is freaking out about us needing to make some cookies.  It is truly an emergency. 


  1. Sarah and MikeAugust 31, 2010

    Hey you 3 almost 4! Tell that little one that some of us aren't as patient as you are. Have Lulu talk to the newbie and tell s/he to hustle it along. Hope all is well!

  2. I think Elliot has New Baby nervous about coming out. She likes to poke and yell loudly at the belly. :)
    Has the new school year started well for you?!


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