Friday, June 25, 2010

ahhh. tonight we sleep well.

IKE in Boise is breathing a sigh of relief...and we will sleep well tonight. 

The 30 week baby checkup was great.  New baby is head down.  Iron levels are good - which is big news for a vegetarian with an iron supplement aversion (who me?).  With the 3rd trimester underway...well, life is a-changing

Izaak's big test results came in.  He got what he was shooting for (yippee)...which means the final phase of applications is soon to be underway.  We are so relieved and happy.  But also approaching the next stages with apprehension.  Big Steps.  We think life would be easier if he had bombed the test - albeit disappointing.  Then we could have refocused his grad school on something less demanding.  law school, here we come (Elliot and I are going to attend vicariously).

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