I am married, a mother, a lifelong vegetarian, sporadically compulsive and selectively tenacious. Radical downsizer for anything (not really, that is a big fat lie).


We maintain this site mostly to keep our families updated...but also to ramble to anyone who will listen.  (we means, Kristen with input from Izaak and with our sweet littles as the primary subject matter)

We like cloth diapers (yes, even Izaak), midwifery, everything that our kids do, beer and almond roca.
We understand that most people (probably even you) don't like other people's kids ( or, OPKs as I like to refer to them conversationally).  That just means that there is not a lot of interesting things for you on this website.  Sorry (but not that  sorry). 

We like to do things that make absolutely no sense (to us or presumably outsiders).  Like, for instance, selling most of our furniture and putting renters in our 2300 sq ft suburban house and moving (briefly) to a 300 sq ft basement apartment. With a toddler.  On a whim.  With house guests over the weekend (shout out to Aunt Mariana) and with no prior planning.  Oh, and then quitting our jobs and having another baby.  I am thinking about putting together a page on downsizing...and I am also thinking about learning French from the text book I just bought at a thrift store.  We will see what happens first.  ok

Izaak is ridiculously fond the movie about a boy.  My favorite movie is room with a view.  We have a daughter named Elliot and a boy named Sue (just kidding, he is Henry).




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