Friday, October 14, 2011

Kitchen counters. Before/after

Before: Boards were put down to create a work surface.

After: they were finished with a high sheen for a nice wet look. Turned out more "gray granite-y" and less "white with gray veins" then I had wanted. But they are beautiful, and who can argue with that. Who?

Quite the change. Right?

Do you see the dish dryer in the back? That is for baby bottles. Fake grass. Love it. We use it for everything except kid's stuff.

And the charming unfinished wall? It is screaming for some tile. Soon baby, soon.
We have a few projects on the list that rank a higher priority. (closets in the bedroom, perchance...or giant gaping hole in hallway...hum)

And today's post is brought to you by....

Elliot. (super excited to be able to rock some Princess Leia buns.) ( itty bitty little Leia buns)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

To judge and be judged.

Link to article I liked...I think I must like it be because the author's style...'cause I am not a runner....and I spent my final WEEKS of pregnancy whining loudly. I must identify with the writer's style, or general premise more than the CRAZY pregnant lady that is the subject. Whatev'. Just cut and paste the link.

Speaking of judging (which no one was, right?). I decided for concrete countertops. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I will post pics soon. Very lovely results :)

Additonally, there will be a new (or 7 new) additions to our family. Tomorrow. Pictures to come. Elliot is very excited and we are namestorming like crazy monsters.....

Stay tuned!


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