Friday, April 15, 2011

Henry and my Anne Sullivan moment

I am getting my morning manna coffee and I hear a squishy squishy sound.  Henry, sitting on my hip, has taken his hand out of his (teething drooling) mouth.  It is drippy wet. Squish squish.  His little fist is pumping.  Thumb up in the air.  Squish squish. 

“Henry” He looks at me, smiley toothy grin.  I make the same fist pumping motion back up him. 
He erupts in monkey noises.  Ooo-eee-hehehe.   Bouncing on my hip.  Okay.  The coffee can wait (not really, I'll just bring it with me).  

What just happened?  Henry is hungry.  And for the first time in 7 months is asking for me to feed him.

He is a caveman.  Ugh, what is this magical flame I have just found.  Lo, I have made fire. I am so clever.

I am Anne Sullivan:  Yes Yes Henry. It is water.  Waaaa-ttteer.  Water.  (No.  Yep.  I know that it’s water.  I’ve been trying to tell you that for months now.)


We did baby signs on our 1st lap through parenting (with Elliot).  Not terribly purposeful before solid foods (“cookie” sign is a hard sell to a 3 month old baby)  BUT we loved that she could communicate with us more easily when she was first learning how to talk.  It was a way of supplementing her early and pre-linga skills.  Maybe we averted some toddler frustration because of it.  I don’t know.  Elliot was just so chill that not much rattled her with or without sign language.   

We liked signs because she could talk when her mouth was full.  Because I could prompt her to say thank you from across the room without anyone noticing (or without me yelling).  It was a nice tool in our parenting batman belts. 

(I also think that it aided her language acquisition.  But I will let others write articles about research in that area.  My population sample size (of 1) is not sufficient to comment)

AND.  That brings us to this morning.  Henry finally got it.  And by the time I sat down to type this post – He had asked to nurse 3 TIMES in 20 minutes.  Because he can.  Because he is like a caveman and invented fire and wants to keep lighting fires.  And I keep feeding him because I am Anne Sullivan – sign language teacher to babies (well.  Really.  Sign language teacher to my  babies…and only about 15-20 signs.  But still - I’m cool.)  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

That is so my Elliot

Here is a video that Izaak took of sneaking into Elliot's bedroom in the middle of the night.  Seriously it was after midnight.  four and a half hours after she had gone to bed. 

Unbeknownst to us (at least until the sneaking into her room with a video happened) she was awake 'doing her lessons' in bed with a notebook, a crayon, and a flashlight.  She is three.  She doesn' t have any lessons.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

anyone keeping a tally?

law school
1 more waitlist.
1 no
1 invitation to summer semester to compete for a seat.

2 schools still quiet.

and 1 family in minor crisis over the decisions looming:
 to move to Florida. Wait, do we even want to leave Boise? We do like it here, oddly enough.  and Florida is a 52 hour drive away. 

to change grad programs?  Oh, my lands, that the LSATs were for naught.

to buy an airstream and forgo all notions of stability and adulthood...just tooling around the open road in search of contentment.

Ahh.  decisions to decide.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Books for extremists

Well.  thanks to our local library sale we are all stocked up on random books.  We love the spring warehouse sale.  $9 for a bag of books.  We pack 'em in and load it up. 

I spent a bit of time at the section labeled women's studies. Which, being of the female persuasion, seemed like a good place to look for books.   Do you wonder if there was a table labeled man's studies?    Well, no.  There was not.  Men don't seem to be as prolific of writers about their sex as women are.  AND because there would probably be lots of inappropriate things at their table.  And, its a family event. 

Any one still with me?  No.  Okay I'll keep talking anyway.

I walked away with 2 books.  Both wildly biased and bossy.  I had a hare brained idea to read a staunchly feminist book.  And an anti-feminism book. At the same time.  And compare.   

I don't know how I think of these wild and crazy ideas.  I must be fun like that. 

To summarize.  I was humored and insulted by the radicalness of both books.   Not consistently humored or insulted.  Just sporadically.  Does that mean that I am not a good feminist?   Because I don't necessary identify with the dish they are serving (read: sahm).  But.  I am a terrible unfeminist also.  I am just riding a fence and thinking the grasses on both sides of the fence are colored crazy. 

But maybe that is the way it goes with causes that people are willing to fight for.   Causes make people crazy and nearly unrelateable to everyone who isn't quite on the same page. (*cough* pro home birth *cough* pro vegetarianism *cough*)

What are some of your causes?  Anyone willing to share? 

Friday, April 08, 2011


I really blanked on a post title.  There is a space for one.  But sometimes a post doesn't need one.  Or, doesn't easily have one.  Or, (which is more true) I can't think of anything snappy enough.  Like Henry standing at window  sounds lame.  Even though that is totally what this post is about. 
So here is a good title: Here is Kristen, yet again, showing off her kids and attempting to make you wildly envious. 

I just was wishing that I could make that sound catchier. 

Without further ado.  My amazing son.

walk into bedroom to find the littlest man looking out the window.

This guy is always happy to see his mama

close up on the FATTEST BABY FOOT EVER.  seriously.  They barely make socks to fit those sausages...let alone shoes.

one-handed show off

close up of his cute face (and yummy elbow dimples)

Something exciting must be happening outside.

Hey. Henry.  Say hi to your mother for me.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

yah. It's been a while. I hear you.

Four short weeks ago, I was awed like a mom at the little inchworm who was learning to just barely drag himself 3 body lengths. 


He figured that out real quite.  Drag-Crawl-Pull up-Furniture walking (OK just barely).  We are rocking through the milestones.  Rockin'  in Boise. Got that?

Hey btw.  Annie.  Did that feeder get fixed?  I fiddled with buttons and drop down menus.  I swear.  But the back pages of blogger are a crazy-jungle-labyrinth. 

I have photos...I will upload photos...tonight?  perhaps.

I will try and be better about updating the site.  Because I am backlogging in my head on funny things to overshare with everyone. 


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