Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ballet continues to thrill us

Caption (from top left clockwise) Elliot and someone else, Elliot and other people, Elliot stretching, Elliot and some other girls.

Also, I learned (the hard way) today that Henry's hit myself on the with a maraca cry is almost identical to his finger stuck in the handle of a Tonka truck cry.  But both of these cries are different than his boxed myself into a corner and don't know how to turn around so I am totally frustrated cry. 

Silly baby boy. 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Quick funny

Izaak clipped this from our local paper.  It's been on our fridge all month and thought I'd share it.  The juvenile in me likes to snicker at this ad everytime I go to open the fridge.

The cheapskate in me was like:
Wha-at?  25 bones for stupid ole spaghetti and no host bar!  rhah-diculous.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Lesson in opposites and the ever incredible Inchworm

The Inchworm goes


Up. Down.

Cutest little play romper, right? A shout out of thanks to my Aunt Pam. I can't believe that it fits him already.

Happy.  Sad. 

It is frustrating when you put in a lot of effort and don't hardly move at all.  You should have heard his sound effects.  The wind up purr, the growl, the howl of frustration. But he tries.  Oh boy, does he try. 

Hello mama.  *Muah*


Bye Bye baby

Can you picture me sadly waving as his little tush scoots past me?


My Girl.  My Boy. 

Do you see that stream of drool off Henry's chin?!?  That is what we are living with.  Crazy wet baby kisses. 

And that folks is your lesson in opposites for today.  Thank you for your rapt attention.  Please stay tuned for all of the other interesting stuff that you could learn here. 

Boise Over and Out

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Beard Beanies

No need to elaborate much.  Just a few words.  1. crochet 2. Hilarious 3.  Christmas photos will be awesome this year.

Please please link over to these! FUNNY.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

When an army crawling hunter spies a treasure for himself

I think Henry's internal monologue was saying something like:

Oh lookie papa's water bottle just. out. of. my. reach. No wait.  I think I can get it.  And triumph  Yum Yum Yum. 
Suddenly his vision scans to the right
whoosh.  what is this? Knitting basket.  just. out. of .my reach.  No wait.  I think I can get it.  And disaster.  

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Funny-ish websites redux

This encore linkage is brought to you by CRAFTING.

I point you lovely people to Regretsy.  It is Etsy gone bad.

Warning:  do not travel the link to Regretsy if you are light of heart.  Some of it is real bad, not good.  But there is enough that is real bad, hilarious (like fat with a ph) to redeem it. 
IF you are light of heart just link over to Etsy and check out the jewelry.  Izaak bought me a beautiful tree of life  locket for Mother's day last year.  Excellent choice. Izaak


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