Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rock & Seed

rock & seed are the two most important items in our house. we all work very hard to keep tabs on them. some people have a blankie, or binkie, or dee-dee. we have rock & seed.
rock & seed drive the truck, live in duplo houses, are served as dinner in the doll house. they are very busy little items.

Let the Greeks ruin themselves

So it is not an exclusivly American trait to live beyond our means. Seems the old world had that one covered. News reaches my ears that Greece is floundering in the wake dirty play from banks and a giant debt ratio. Interesting how Goldman Sachs name is popping up again. When will the fun end?

Let the Greeks ruin themselves. (the economist)

In Greece's Crisis, Fed Studies Wall St.'s Activities (NYtimes)


Friday, February 26, 2010

more and more YouTube Videos

I have some videos posted in the sidebar...but the application is a little clumsy. I have uploaded quite a few vids over in YouTube land. So, if you are as eager as I am to watch little NuNu in action then head over there (and subscribe plz).

If videos of my pride and joy are not your thing...I wouldn't bother. 'cause it is pretty Elliot-centric. haha.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life in the Yurt

(Stuart Isett for The New York Times Published: 2009/12/30)

Sending out a link to a NYTIMES slideshow of a young family living in a YURT in Alaska. I was entertained.
Our house is not as small as I had thought. Always a matter of perspective.

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is a valentine's that E made for a friend

...and her and her dad sportin' tats that came from another friend.

...I have another hilarious valentine that E made at was a fill-in-blank "Who is your valentines and why". The funniest things come out of little mouths....I'll take a picture and a post it tomorrow if I get a chance.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Never too young to work.

Our young tiler (@ 17 mo old)

has recently branched out to drywalling (32 mo).

Yep. Never too young to work.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Just a Saturday. Sunny, Cold, Directionless.

I am starting a panel at the side of this blog to list links to other sites that I like...mostly websites that I keep going to. If you have any interesting links that you like or blogs that you update let me know - and I will add them to the list

Thursday was another checkup with the midwives. We were able to hear the heartbeat with the the doppler. 168. Seems that their initial suspicion of twins was laid to rest. Singleton it is. So, 10 lbs by 10 weeks is just my style.

E.L. is beyond excited about the baby. We having to remind her that the baby's birthday will be after her's. First dad's, then LuLu's, then Baby's. She gets that because she is very intune with birthdays. She knows that dad's is in 3 months and her's is in 5 months. There has been a running count down on her little fingers. And she is already planning her festivities (balloons and an ice cream cake :)
But she is 2 and doesn't quite understand everything. Last night she wanted to go out for ice cream. Promised to share with her baby. I explained that the baby couldn't share ice cream with her, now. She gave me the dumb-mom-face and said that she was going to hold the spoon to my belly. of course.


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