Thursday, June 03, 2010

Church: a child's review

In an earlier post I talked about Elliot's church-curiousity.  Well, she went with her aunt and uncle.  And here is her post church debriefing:

Me:  What was church like?
EL:  Some people didn't sing good.  and I wasn't good the whole time.  I wanted to dance.
Me:  Do you want to go back?
EL: Today?  ye-a-ah. (note: Elliot always uses 3 syllables to say this word) 
Me: Not today, maybe in 1 week.
EL:  No, in two-five-forty nine weeks  (note: that is her favorite number)

There you have it folks.  And here is her "going to church photo".  I took it because 1) I am a dork 2) Izaak is a dork 3) she was so excited that it seemed picture worthy. 
(more notes:  Izaak-dork gave her the bible to hold as a photo prop and and our lil'illiterate child insisted on actually taking it with her....
Also, please notice the footwear.  She insisted on wearing tap shoes but mama put her foot down.  Taking the picture in the tap shoes and wearing them out to the car was a compromise.  Because, yes, damn it.  I am one of those parents that negotiates with a 2-year old.)


  1. Can you say bible and damn it in the same paragraph?

  2. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    Yes, can say bible and damn in the same paragraph...if you want to burn in hell or go to purgatory for a long time.

  3. Hey hey wait a minute. Let us not throw stones (at me). I did not capitalize or use an article or an adjective. (i.e The Holy Bible)

    see. future secured by technicality

    How come no one chastised me for calling izaak a dork?


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