Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you allow pets?

Izaak and I have a most favorite conversation that we repeat 50 times a day when advertising a vacant apartment.  (btw the craigslist ad clearly states in bold no pets/no smoking)

After 2-5 minutes of conversation where we are quizzed about all the items in the craigslist ad - the following takes place.

Caller:  Um, you accept pets, right? [guess they didn't read that part in the ad]

Us:  No. We have a no pet policy

Caller: What about... [insert any of the following] 1) a cat  2) a small animal 3) my dog  4) my 18 year old cat/dog that doesn't move 5) if I provide good references for my pet 6)  if I pay a deposit 7) but my lab is used to living apartments. 8) my dog has been to obedience school 9) a well behaved pitbull.  10) it's my favorite cat/dog and I couldn't bear to take it to the pound 11) what about if it was only here on the weekends.

Us: [out loud] Nope, sorry we have a no pet policy.

Us: [In our head] it's an animal still though?  or yep, your 18 year old cat still applies to the no pet policy or really?  or Oh, I guess since you said it was your favorite we will risk it for you - a stranger. 

The reason for this rant?  I just had the joy of overhearing Izaak 3 times in 10 minutes go through the same script.  hehe. 

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