Monday, February 07, 2011

What wiggles and drools and is cuteness all over? 

Need a hint?

This little guy.  All of 5 months old already.  I don't believe it.  He is playing so happily with his toys....and then suddenly spies his mama taking pictures.

Flap flap flap.  The camera cannot keep up with his flapping and waving antics.  


 Look out mama, not paying any attention.  Henry grabs at the camera strap and pulls it down...going for a snack attack. 


  1. he is so cute!!!

  2. I know the answer to the riddle. HOB! He looks a lot like his dad, doesn't he?

  3. WAIT!! who does he look like? Izaak or KRisten's family. I can't tell. Neither? Whose baby is that? He doesn't even look like his sister. Help me out here!
    Def cute though!


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