Sunday, October 17, 2010

the voice of nothingness

so, sometimes in updating this blog I think...what am I doing? hum.  I focus on life with my little ones.  I don't really have much interesting to talk about outside of that.  (though for argument's sake, my littles can't be that interesting to everyone).  I mean I wake up, brush my teeth, drink coffee, and some hours later I brush my teeth again and go to bed.  Boring.
I have tried to soliloquy (soliloquize?) but nothing comes out well written, so it's not published.  And, who cares about my opinion anyway?  A rant about the goth girl I see out walking everyday is better left in my head.  Though I do wonder if everyone thinks her makeup and footwear is as ridiculous as I think it is.  OK, I understand the idea of expressing yourself through personal style choices....but I think Gothic footwear is dumb.  
 I don't have adoption issues to work out like rageagainsttheminivan.  I don't have the daily grind joy of a very large full quiver family to talk about.  I don't write emotional and beautiful birth stories to share like Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things.  (but seriously you should read that link, its beautifully raw).

No major convictions to share.  No poignant writing skills to flash about.  No mission statement. Sure, I'd like to talk about things.  Things like extreme downsizing, and school, and birth stories, and choices we make, and opinions we have...but it never comes out right.   I can just give you this:

and these:

Glimpses at what makes us happier than imaginable.  When other things suck, we need to focus on what makes our hearts race. 

And, this posting is here and there and nowhere.  But nowhere is a place where I live, sometimes.  So, sorry if CHARMING US grows boring at times (or always).  As life ebbs & flows so does everything else. Right now that is good enough for me.  'cause I spend my afternoons looking at this.


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