Monday, February 21, 2011

Antics and semantics

This is what happens when a love for Laura Ingalls morphs to all things Pioneer and then to cowboys.  And then when let's play cowboy-pioneer becomes let's play cowboy and hunt pirates.  An obvious evolution. 

swinging her lasso

And when a parent tries to de-violence-ify cowboys & pirates it is not very easy

Elliot:  Let's play cowboys and kill all the pirates (poised with toy 6-shooter, thanks Maia)
Izaak:  Well, let's not kill them, we can just disarm them. 
Elliot:  Okay we will hunt pirates and chop off their arms. 
(get it arm/disarm.  ha ha)


  1. Ha! I just laughed out it. :)

  2. As long as you are laughing. I think some people are rolling thier eyes at my violence-prone sweet angel. (I am a pacifist in real life, I swear!)


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