Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Tooth.

Do you see it?  Hidden in the darkest dark and wettest wet of caverns.  There is a solitary tooth. 
A bit hard to see in photos because the reflection off of the drool obscures the view.  Oh.  And the tongue.  Serious that tongue is everywhere at the same time.  We have a very Freudian Oral stage happening in Boise.  (riveting, right?)
Close your eyes and think of a slug leaving a slime trail where ever it goes. Do you see it?  That's Henry.  Totally Henry. 
So, betwixt the slime and the tongue, I fought the good fight trying to get a decent photo of The Tooth.  The number of photo close ups of Henry's mouth that I took is a wee bit embarrassing.  I mean if someone were to steal this computer and scroll through the recent photos they would be aghast at my collection of pictures of the lower half of Henry's face.  Seriously.  I need to delete some of these.

1 comment:

  1. Henry cutting teeth, Elliot cutting hair. Lotso cutting going on there in Boise. Elliot (and we do too)demands her fair share of cutting pictures on the blog...ASAP!

    M & M of PDX


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