Saturday, July 03, 2010

Did ya'know...

Did ya'know that...
  • Jesus was struck by lightning in front of church (google touchdown Jesus). 
  • In romance, opposites do not attract.   I found proof.
  • Real Men Wear Babies over at "Peaceful Parenting".  The photos reminded me of Izaak and Elliot back when she was a wee thing.  Those days are soon to be back again.  Izaak is definitely a babywearing-daddy. 
  • Is it Biblical for moms to work?  "Jesus Needs New PR" has an interesting take on that.  Actually the entire site is funny. 
  • Sometimes the worst things are the best things.  Or, so one woman learned.  Read Kelle Hampton's birth story (it is emotional NOT biological).  You may have already read it.  It went viral a few months back, but I just found it. 

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