Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Egg Hunts: a 3-year retrospective

Elliot loves Easter more than Halloween, almost as much as Christmas and her birthday. So, yesterday was a good day for her. Izaak and I also battle a sweet tooth. We think nothing of raiding the trick o'treat bag for ourselves. So, Easter egg hunts and 'candy scrambles' are not so bad for us either. Because of our diligent parenting, we have scoped out the best Easter egg hunts in town (ranked by quality and quantity of candy). As of this last weekend, we have established a three year tradition of hitting the Boise Zoo 'Egg-stravaganza' followed by the Ann Morrison Park Scramble.

Elliot is well-taught by Izaak on Easter Hunt Etiquette:
  1. lil'pushing not a punishable offensive
  2. outrunning smaller children in a dash to a cache is okay
  3. 'pickbasketing' is just wrong

We probably shouldn't let her play peewee soccer. We coach too much from the sidelines.

In honor of Easter Egg Hunt fun - please enjoy a 3-year pictorial retrospective.




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