Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleeping babies who suck (thumbs & pacifiers, mostly)

Not to make any one jealous but...I would just like to take this moment to brag comment. I am a sucker for watching sleeping babies.

Izaak and I sleep VERY WELL.  We rarely have gotten less then 8 hours. AND if we do get less then than  8 hours, it almost NEVER has to do with a certain 3 year old and 3 month old. It's us, not them.

I love pictures of zombie-fashion models-cousins holding my children

 Can you tell from this picture that I have a thumb sucker and a pacifier baby?  I think that it is a nature thing that little ones like to suck (clearly nature, as a matter of survival).  But how is it that Elliot was born with a thumb in her mouth, and Henry scoffs at his thumb in favor of a pacifier.  He is even brand specific.  MAM.  Can't find one? Go ahead and try to sneak a Soothie or NUK into his wide open mouth.  No chance that will satisfy.  MAM's the word around her.

I still remember Henry's 1st two nights with us.  He slept fitfully, and only if held upright.  So I slept, sitting up on the couch.  For two nights, I had bad sleep.  At three nights old, he tucked in nicely to me and slept away. Content to cuddle until morning. 
I also love pictures of Thing 2 -Uncles partying Halloween style with Skeleton-Henrys

What?  Do some of you envy us?  Do some wonder why?  Nurture, nature?  I don't know.  BUT it seems that lately there has been an onslaught of questions from people - Is Henry sleeping through the night yet?  Are you guys catching up on sleep yet?  Two little kids, you must never sleep.
Isn't that a pretty lady?  She is a very lovely person indeed.
 Sleep sleep sleep.  Why do some people get so preoccupied with babies and sleep?


  1. I should tell him what I told Elliot..."ladies don't sleep with their mouths open." Not sure what that would translate to for a little boy but I will think of something...

  2. thank goodness you commented. (after my not so subtle hinting :)

    Elliot likes to tell her papa to "be a lady, not a shark." So, maybe sharks are the translation??


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