Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The awesomeness of a bed

Let's call it raw, industrial-vintage fusion.  aa-ha that's the way we like it. Mostly vintage linens  that i've been collecting at estate sale.  meets cheap-chic bed of  We like to rock it frugal style awesome ohdeedoh style .

I liked this idea so much.  A bed made from casters and wooden palettes.  
picture from Under the Sycamore.

humm.  I liked this idea as much as I disliked the ho-hum & overpriced options available at the stores.  But we needed to tweek to fit the baskets underneath (aka new baby's stuff).  So, voila.  customized platform of 2x4s really awesome new bed.

Nobody was happier than Elliot.  Nobody in the entire world was happier than Elliot.  Trust us on this. 

It was Christmas morning and birthday and last day of school happiness.   Summed up into one 3yr old jumping on the bed.

And this makes papa very happy.  Okay, that's not his happy face.  Just trust me....

And really, what is one supposed to do with a thrilled ball of energy, at bedtime?  Our parenting technique has always been to squish Elliot.

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