Monday, July 05, 2010

Still super charming. However...

I am nearly Charming.  Izaak is consistently mostly Charming.  Elliot exudes Charm from her fingertips.  Hence, the name of this page "CharmingUs". 
Good.  That is fine and dandy.  However, the name of this blog "Being IKE in Boise" is losing it's appropriateness in just a few weeks.   (That is Izaak, Kristen, Elliot if you didn't already figure)
I mean, there will be four of us.  And IKE+1 more doesn't have the same simplicity.  We've been IKE for 3 years.  It is on address labels.  We get letters addressed to IKE.  It is easier to write out than The Rasmussen-Baldwin Family.  And now, New Baby complicates the system. 

We have thought of some solutions:
  1. Name New Baby an "A" name...IKEA?
  2. Name New Baby an "I""K"or "E" name, and square the repeated letter. 
  3. Ditch the cute abreviation altogether and just use our real names.
Whatever get decided, just know that the name of this page will be changing soon. Suck.

This major urgent world crisis  minor inconvienent issue is complicated by another issue.  With just a few weeks left we are nowhere close to finalizing names.  Oh, sure we've had great suggestions, and have thought of our own wonderful ideas.  But nothing is sticking.  Nothing feels magical and perfect and IT.  Izaak and I both feel that there is a lot of responsibility in gifting a moniker to someone.  (to those that thought Elliot LuLu was an odd choice, you'll just have to trust me on that last sentence)  

And that brings me to the final issue of the day: since we don't know the gender, and don't have the name picked out, and there is no nursery to decorate...well, my 3rd trimester nesting instinct is restlessly looking for something to latch on to.

This could get ugly, folks.

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