Sunday, April 10, 2011

Books for extremists

Well.  thanks to our local library sale we are all stocked up on random books.  We love the spring warehouse sale.  $9 for a bag of books.  We pack 'em in and load it up. 

I spent a bit of time at the section labeled women's studies. Which, being of the female persuasion, seemed like a good place to look for books.   Do you wonder if there was a table labeled man's studies?    Well, no.  There was not.  Men don't seem to be as prolific of writers about their sex as women are.  AND because there would probably be lots of inappropriate things at their table.  And, its a family event. 

Any one still with me?  No.  Okay I'll keep talking anyway.

I walked away with 2 books.  Both wildly biased and bossy.  I had a hare brained idea to read a staunchly feminist book.  And an anti-feminism book. At the same time.  And compare.   

I don't know how I think of these wild and crazy ideas.  I must be fun like that. 

To summarize.  I was humored and insulted by the radicalness of both books.   Not consistently humored or insulted.  Just sporadically.  Does that mean that I am not a good feminist?   Because I don't necessary identify with the dish they are serving (read: sahm).  But.  I am a terrible unfeminist also.  I am just riding a fence and thinking the grasses on both sides of the fence are colored crazy. 

But maybe that is the way it goes with causes that people are willing to fight for.   Causes make people crazy and nearly unrelateable to everyone who isn't quite on the same page. (*cough* pro home birth *cough* pro vegetarianism *cough*)

What are some of your causes?  Anyone willing to share? 

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