Friday, April 08, 2011


I really blanked on a post title.  There is a space for one.  But sometimes a post doesn't need one.  Or, doesn't easily have one.  Or, (which is more true) I can't think of anything snappy enough.  Like Henry standing at window  sounds lame.  Even though that is totally what this post is about. 
So here is a good title: Here is Kristen, yet again, showing off her kids and attempting to make you wildly envious. 

I just was wishing that I could make that sound catchier. 

Without further ado.  My amazing son.

walk into bedroom to find the littlest man looking out the window.

This guy is always happy to see his mama

close up on the FATTEST BABY FOOT EVER.  seriously.  They barely make socks to fit those sausages...let alone shoes.

one-handed show off

close up of his cute face (and yummy elbow dimples)

Something exciting must be happening outside.

Hey. Henry.  Say hi to your mother for me.


  1. Oh my gracious he is getting SO big.... I so enjoy your blog... I feel like I can keep up with your family this way. Love you guys.

  2. isn't it amazing. of course I act like I am the only mama whose baby learns to stand. haha.


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