Friday, December 03, 2010

Dear Santa...please disregard the letter from my daughter.

Elliot made her list for Santa.  I am not even sure if we should sent it to the jolly ol'man.  For starters, she does not wear a size 5 shoe.  And secondly, what would we do with a pig?  I mean, seriously a pig?

Grandpa Airplane and 6 month old Elliot.  3 years ago this week.  (btw, 3 month old Henry has those same overalls well filled out already)

 And, in this season of giving and receiving...while Elliot works diligently on her handmade gifts for others...she also makes a few simple requests.  Requests that we beg Santa to disregard.  Though at the same time we want it fully acknowledged how sweet her list is.   Sweet, right?

Elliot's 1st snow in Fairfield, December 2007
And I bring to you, as verbetem as possible...the letter.

Mama:  Elliot, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas? 
Elliot: I want Santa to bring me a very big size 10 hat or bonnet, size 5 boots, and my very own computer and a pig in a long box.  But not a cooked pig.
Mama: [dead silence, cause what do you say to that?]

Santa and Elliot, December 2007...happy little thing.


  1. A pig? What the heck?

  2. but NOT a cooked pig....very clear on that okay! How is she coming up with this stuff. btw Henry loves that wooden floor toy thing. LOVES.

  3. So was it Elliot who gave Maia the idea for her #1 item on her letter to Santa or vice versa???

    May the best parents not break their darlings' hearts. Here is a link to order one up:

    Cute, smart, clean but not ideal for chittlins and ribs :)

  4. ok those piggies are cute. I am not sure Elliot needs to see the video. I think we are going to get her something much lamer then a micro pig (or a computer for a three year old).


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