Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PreChristmas 2010: the run down

Gingerbread Houses, 1st Annual event.

Izaak makes Elliot's house.  She takes over to start the decorating.  Izaak starts on the next house. 

 And JJ is diligently working on her own masterpiece.  And what is up with the random banana in these photos? 

Elliot dismantles house and takes a bite out of each candy and cookie. 

Big mess.  Lots of fun. 

Another PreChristmas event was when JJ and I went thrift storing...searching for bad Christmas sweaters. I know it's the new cliche.  But it is so terribly funny. I don't want to give too much away...but let me say this much.  Izaak has been growing a moustache.  There are some bad sweaters ready and waiting. 

Here is the pre show.


  1. A piece of advice for Izaak...If you really want the law school deans to take notice and remember you, make sure to attach the happy, no, ecstatic, carousel horsey foto to your applications. Better yet, forget the foto and then send a little note (best cursive) with the foto and ask them to add it to your file :) :) :)

  2. Izaak who? that just looks like some creepy stranger man.


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