Friday, November 19, 2010

The Friday night pizza night that almost wasn't

the setup:
   we relocate Friday night pizza night to another house. We have everything.  fun talks, beer, pineapple chunks.  Everything is in its place.  And then...oh crap!  No recipe.  We left it at home.

The debate begins. was it 1 3/4c flour or 2 1/4?  Soy Flour?  I don't remember? 

And then...we are rescued.  By my knight in shining librari-armour.  (ha) The new saviour of pizza night.  Who bravely set aside her hard cider to rescue the lost-at-sea-pizza makers in a far away land.  Who courageously faced the wilds of google to find the truth recipe - and with a call to Boise SAVED at least 5 people from a dinner of beer and pineapple chucks. 

And that folks is a good friend.  And an excellent pizza. 


  1. Don't we get to see a picture of this delicious pizza? Pineapple chunks are my favorite!

  2. no. no pictures were taken. You must use your imagination. Though I must say a big yum for pineapple and mozeralla.


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