Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thoughts and leaves falling falling

Wow have I really not written anything here in 3 weeks?  My faithful few are perhaps a bit upset.  (I am speaking for you, since y'all keep so quiet on the comments).  Lots of fall pictures are awaiting their chance to dismount off the camera and make a new home on the computer...perhaps another day.  I do have some pictures to share.  Have you seen these?

Elliot is not feeling well today.  She told her dad that it was all because she ate a dog.  Oh boy.

We have been better this fall about not turning the heat on.  Most years I turn it on high in October and leave it that way until March.  Power bill can suck.  And that is not the soundest environmental plan.  So this year I am trying to acclimate to the weather as it changes. That seems the more natural approach. Proud to say that we have only turned the heat on on a few occasions so far.  It is amazing how much you don't need to heat a house when you are appropriately dressed for the season.  My guess is that the same is true for the summer and a/c.  But I didn't have benefit of central air this summer...

I love baby stretches.  When a baby puts his two fists behind his head and arches his back and then puts puckering mushed face and then wiggles just a bit.  That is perhaps my favorite thing to watch - aside from sleeping children. 

Prince William got engaged.  That's good.  Every webpage I went on today was saturated with the breaking news coverage.  This to shall pass, I hope.

I was also going to share a quick story about Elliot and her new duplo guns and another about the letter I am helping her compose to Santa.  But I will save those for another evening. 

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