Saturday, October 09, 2010

So. Now that I have the most to talk about - I have taken the least time to update this blog.  Time to catch up, huh.

Here is Grandpa Airplane loving on his new grandson Henry.  Henry is 2 weeks old.

Not everything in our life is about Henry.  Elliot holds her own in the center of our world.  She recently scored a pair of ballet shoes, and is over the moon.  Ballet is the be-all of her world.  Well, ballet and kindergarten.  She has built both up as the most amazing rites of passage. 
Yes, in these photos she is wearing gardening gloves and ballet slippers.  one word, FASHIONISTA.

We totally love this girl.

Oh, yeah.  And, we love this boy.

And, we love the two of them together. As much as they are loving each other. 

In this last photo, Henry reminds me so much of Izaak. His hair is brown now, but doesn't he look like he's going to be a red head?!  perhaps, perhaps. And look at Elliot's beautiful eyes!  I am such a lucky momma.

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