Monday, October 25, 2010

the great anti-cell phone experiment comes crashing to an end

I got a cell phone this weekend. 
I caved.  After almost (not quite) a year of ditching the leash phone.  I caved in.
Because of texting. 
Because when I give out my number and say that it is a home phone...people get confused.  They try and sent me text messages.  Texts with important information.  Texts that I never receive because they sent it to a landline.  A landline that doesn't give them a error message.  And then I get in trouble because I never replied to the important information they texted to my landline.  Because a landline can't text back.  This confuses A LOT of people.  (too many people, really)
Are our collective memories of life-before-cell-phones so short?  How did everyone communicate before text message?  Come on people?! 
Therefore, in keeping with the herd and because I am a member of this society and because I get left out of a lot of things because I didn't get the text..well, because of all that - I got a cell phone. 

I am still making my stand about facebook.  I never log in to that (never).  So, no.  I did not get the invitation you sent to me on facebook...I guess you should have texted it to my landline. humph.

I am not putting my new number on here.  'cause that isn't safe.  Because sometimes this blog gets randomly googled from people in Pakistan who were searching for pink cuckoo clocks (NOT making that up). 
BUT the 703# is a landline.  I will try to send out my new number soon...but you could always text Izaak if you need it sooner. 

ok?  rant over.

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