Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girl's Night Out

A couple of weeks back Izaak was out of town working.  Them were some hot days in Boise and us girls don't like it too hot.  Mama gets hot and cranky (shocking?).  Elliot gets hot and itchy.

So, when the cat is away the mice will play.  Right?  Right!

We lazed around. We took late and long naps in front of the AC avoiding the peak heat of the day.  Then played at night when the sun went down. 

And we played it up girl-style.  I mean we spent a lot of time getting dressed up, playing with our hair, painting our nails,  picking out our cutest dresses, taking pics of ourselves.  (At least half of my face at a time)

And we hammed it up. Check out that pose.  'cause we can do whatever we want on Girl's Night Out. 

and then drove around with the windows down, people watching. (Downtown late on a Friday night provides lots of good people watching when you are 3.)    And, we walked around, stopping to splash in city hall fountains.  It's probably clean, right?

We met up with statues of historical events.

We made statue friends.  Played their statue games.  Talked about statue life.  And cuddled their statue heads. 

And last but least....ran quickly away from our waddling mama who declared it is time to go home. 

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