Sunday, August 15, 2010

...and then my water DID NOT break, but...

...but my little angel accidentally tipped my water glass into my lap at a restaurant last night.  My chair was wet.   Izaak looked at the puddle at my feet with a excited, shocked OMG look on his face, Elliot announced loudly that mama got water all over her, and the waitress briefly looked panicked.  It was a long couple of seconds before Izaak realized what really happened.

And, then Izaak and I bust up laughing and couldn't stop.  We had tickets for the crazy train.

You have conversations at the end of a pregnancy about how you are going to play it cool if your water breaks in public.  The "whoops, I just spilled my drink, guess we better leave" was on our list.  Not anymore though...too much drama.

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