Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've got the GOLDEN TICKET !!

What we have waited 700 weeks  37 weeks for has finally arrived. 

New Baby is full term!

I have the green light from our midwife to have a healthy, fat, full-term baby at the birth center whenever I feel like it.  (ok, right now works for me).  So, the challenging waiting game has begun. 

Izaak and I will hold our new baby anytime in the next 4 hours to 5 weeks.  Yep.  Any time in the next 5 weeks. We'll have fun planning around that.

This also means that in about a week I will start googling and reading up on all the questionable ways to 'naturally' jump start labor. 
And, it also means that we will start panicking about names and revamp our entire list. 
And, it also means that I will become even more self-absorbed than usual. 
And, finally, it means that something beautiful is just around the corner. 

Come on little kitten.  We are ready.

And no conversation about birthing New Baby is complete without remembering Just Born Elliot. 

Less than 5 hours old - and already powerful enough to change us completely.

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