Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I heart 9 by Design on Bravo

So, 9 by design is Bravo's new show. A counter-culture answer to the Duggar.  Oh, the large families of America are so diverse. 

Basic Premise:  Hip Artsy Rich Manhattan Couple with 7 kids (0-11) does cool stuff.  And, they named one of their boys "Five".  huh?

Amateur Review:  LOVE IT!  In so much as they make having 7 kids look like what all the cool people are doing.  And it taps into Izaak and my love of remodeling old houses. One clip shows their remodel of a run down sex club.  Guess we have nothing on that.

Summary:  it's on Hulu.  Or, click here to watch the first episode.   Watch it and get back to me.  Did you like it???  Or, is it lame like me? 

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