Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And being peed on got me in a tither.

In an  unscientific use of statistics I would say that we have used cloth diapers 98% of the time with Elliot and Henry. 2% of the time we are traveling or have a broken washer (or no washer) and use disposables. Currently we are away from home staying with family…and have been using disposables full time.

My summary of how I like it. 0%.

Cloth Diapers. After the initial cost outlay they only require an extra load of wash every other day or so. Done. Finito.

Disposables. Other than the paper crinkle sound that I don’t like. And a funny chemical baby powder smell that I ignore. Well I have been peed on twice this week. IN. PUBLIC. By a fully dressed, paper diaper wearing Henry. After I spend $20 on a box of convenient diapers labeled “for little movers” . PEED ON 2 TIMES! IN. PUBLIC. That, in economicspeak, is a poor return on my investment.

How many times have I been peed on by a baby in cloth? ZERO TIMES.

So, to anyone who ever told us that cloth diapers are unhygienic and gross (or thought it secretly in thier head but was too polite to say it outloud, even though your face grimaces and we totally know who you are)  well guess what?  

gross = poop and wiping.

The type of diaper you use doesn’t change poop and wiping. But the type of diaper you use impacts your experience of walking through a mall with a huge urine spot on your shirt (say, all down your back if baby was sitting in an Ergo when he offended).

Huge urine spot on shirt of an adult = unhygienic and gross.

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