Saturday, May 22, 2010

We're not dead. (Well, except for Jamie's mom)

well.  here we are.  being IKE in Boise is not dead...just dormant.  May has been an uninspiring month. May has been an uneventful month. It was supposed to be otherwise. So. BLAH. 
  • A long planned trip to the East Coast for a friend's wedding did not come together. 
  • A 2 week break in Izaak's schedule allowing for much anticipated (and elusive) quality family time trumped by LSAT cramming. (meh). 
  • Pregnancy aches and hormones leaving me whining, and emotionally needy (ok I can't really blame that on the pregnancy- but it does leave me uninspired)
So.  As I do feel like I have let my faithful following down (all 7 subscribers) I am posting a MONTH OF MAY RECAP to entertain you and beg forgiveness for my long absence. 

1. Jamie's mom recently died.  WHO?  Jamie is Elliot's imaginary friend.  As in bona fide made up person that my daughter talks to, plays dollhouse with, and recaps funny anecdotes about.  Jamie is not of a specific gender & likes everything Elliot does. Elliot announced that Jamie's mom died.  Jamie is a little sad - and just lives with the dad now. 
UPDATE:  Jamie's mom came back and has a new baby.  But is still dead, actually.  (There was a witness to this conversation who can verify)

2.  Elliot decided to start attending church.  She has been asking a lot of questions about church lately. Some questions have been shockingly deep and mature.  Izaak and I are not church-goers-per-se (or at all) but Elliot's church curiosity had prompted us to start talking about maybe/possibly/one of these days taking her to a service.  Then she discovered that people she knows attend church.
    Last Sunday, she asked her aunt what she did there [at church].  After hearing the answer,  Elliot announced that she was going to start going to church.  She made the arrangements, told her father and I the plan, and has asked every morning if it is Sunday-church day yet.  So.  tomorrow she goes.  We can not hold her back from her spiritual quest any longer. I am curious what is in her lil'head and what her feedback will be.

3.  "new baby" will be named Whar-whar (rhymes with tar) or Barbie.  Or so, Elliot told Aunt JJ.

4.  "new baby"  will be named NippleNippleNipple.  Or so, Elliot told Grandma Deb-Deb.

5.  "new baby" will be a girl because it could not be a boy, because nobody likes boys, because it is just not a boy.  Or so, Elliot has told anybody who asks her opinion on the matter. 
    She also has stated that next Christmas she is going to ask Santa** for two-five-forty nine* more babies. 

*Note 1:  we are not sure how to quantify that number, but it is her favorite for everything
**Note 2:  creepy enough, Elliot is convinced that Santa put the baby in my belly because a) she asked the mall santa for "a baby in mom's belly, a pink guitar and a puppy"  b) the P-Test was positive over Christmas when she got her pink guitar.  Sadly,  Santa forgot her puppy at the North Pole.

6. In all seriousness, Izaak and I are in hopeless disagreement on baby names and may very well end up picking NippleNippleNipple (or TripleNipple for short).

And Finally...  To humor everyone bored by these anecdotes about my kid (who, you?)  May I point you to something else.  Product reviews on Amazon.  Thanks to Rage Against the Minivan for sharing these gems:
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