Saturday, February 06, 2010

Just a Saturday. Sunny, Cold, Directionless.

I am starting a panel at the side of this blog to list links to other sites that I like...mostly websites that I keep going to. If you have any interesting links that you like or blogs that you update let me know - and I will add them to the list

Thursday was another checkup with the midwives. We were able to hear the heartbeat with the the doppler. 168. Seems that their initial suspicion of twins was laid to rest. Singleton it is. So, 10 lbs by 10 weeks is just my style.

E.L. is beyond excited about the baby. We having to remind her that the baby's birthday will be after her's. First dad's, then LuLu's, then Baby's. She gets that because she is very intune with birthdays. She knows that dad's is in 3 months and her's is in 5 months. There has been a running count down on her little fingers. And she is already planning her festivities (balloons and an ice cream cake :)
But she is 2 and doesn't quite understand everything. Last night she wanted to go out for ice cream. Promised to share with her baby. I explained that the baby couldn't share ice cream with her, now. She gave me the dumb-mom-face and said that she was going to hold the spoon to my belly. of course.

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