Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ugly lights have to go. Stat.

Dining room light was bad. It had to Go for a few reasons. It was broken, poorly installed, singed the ceiling. Oh so ugly.

Can you see in this terrible and unclear photo that some of the fake candle parts on this brassy masterpiece are tilted, cockeyed, broken and ugly?

If i turn off the light you can almost notice something else. Smoky black marks on the ceiling above each candle. That is safe, right?

Here is the new light (pic tis a week or so out of date)and a quick peek at how the main floor is progressing. Remember what it used to look like?

Here is a pic of move in week.

1) furniture is arranged and we are no longer in boxes. 2) living room wall is still horribly painted. Gag. 3) do you see my folding table/dining table? This has been replaced (happy birthday me). I had a vision of a big, thick, rustic farm table. Pics coming soon.

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