Thursday, September 08, 2011

Moving down the block.

The end of July saw us move down a few blocks. A bit rushed and under planned. I found it too hard to pack with any sense of organization with 2 littles underfoot... And with Izaak out of town up until we moved.

To streamline and simplify our lives, we tore out the kitchen, bedroom closets and most of downstairs the day before getting a uhaul. Ha ha.

Really. We moved into a rental that had been treated very roughly by the last couple of tenants. It is a work in progress. Needs some tlc before going back on the rental market.

It is nearly impossible to tell. Yet, the pic in the upperleft corner is showing you the bottom of the ugliest fan ever, and seafoam colored sponge-painted walls. Terrible. The two pics on the right are of the kitchen. Dreamy, right?

Solid chaos for the first week or two. (right, Maia?) We lived with our stuff in two rooms upstairs while Izaak added flooring. A bit like camping. Camping without smores is nearly totally without appeal.

Henry is a climber and our stuff was stacked in towering towers of climbable fun. I spent hours corraling and pulling him off of shelves.

We transitioned from a tidy and tiny place...doubled our square footage (or more) but nearly all of it needed some work done.

Needless to say the kids were a little disoriented with the change of space and routine -but all is good now :)

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