Saturday, January 15, 2011

well.  For all of our listeners out there in blogland...
Izaak's law school tally is 2 acceptances, 1 waitlist...and a few pending reviews.

The acceptances/waitlists are in 3 different states/regions/climates.  How does one prepare when one is facing so many unknowns? (with children)

Beyond that we are tired.  There is a reason that 18 year olds are poor college students.  The body does not take it so well in subsequent decades. 
Izaak went back to school 24 months ago and has gone straight summer breaks.  Phase one of  Great and Crazy Plan (GCP) wraps up this May.  The 1/2 way point.  Phase two of GCP scheduled to begin this September.

We both admitted to each other this week that we have let our brains wander and daydream about moving back into a big-people-house.  We could just give someone 30-day notice...and move in...with a garage, and a family room, and a real backyard, and a dishwasher....but I digress.

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